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Google introduced Penguin on April 24th. Penguin penalizes websites that exhibit signs of artificial external links.

Google waits until it recrawls and reindexes the URLs you disavow before it takes action. It can be weeks or months between spider visits to deep or low quality pages.

Google loves Panda, the algorithm that penalizes websites for too much low-quality content.

Since November 18, 2011, Google updated Panda 13 times. Panda acts like a ratio-based punishment. The sites I have seen recover remove inferior content and replace it with well-written, useful pieces.

Google's Matt Cutts announced that Google is working on a search ranking penalty for sites that are "over-optimized" or "overly SEO'ed."

The purpose is to "level the playing field," Cutts said. To give sites that have great content a better shot at ranking above sites that have content that is not as great but do a better job with SEO.